For years Shopify ecommerce website builder has been on top of every list not just in Canada, but all over the world. And while there are definitely some great reasons for that, a lot of the time people only look at all of the positives and forget to consider the disadvantages that come with using this ecommerce solution. To help you get the full picture today we are going to talk to you about some of the most notable disadvantages of Shopify, so make sure you keep on reading.

You have to pay for each sale you make

Probably one of the biggest disadvantages that comes with using Shopify is the fact that you will be charged a transaction fee for each sale that you make on your ecommerce. If you are on one of the most expensive plans that the solutions offers then your transaction fees will be lower and you will be able to keep more of the sales, but the less expensive the plan the bigger the transaction fees will be and that is definitely something you need to keep in mind.

The ecommerce website builder comes with themes, but only a few are free

One of the biggest “selling points” of Shopify is the fact that they offer 60 different, great looking themes. However, something that a lot of people don’t know is the fact that only 10 of them are actually free and all the other ones are paid for. Of course, the premium themes are definitely worth every penny and they will give your ecommerce a much better and more professional appearance, but for a lot of people they are not something that they can afford. So, if you are one of those people and you don’t have the extra money to spend on a premium theme then unfortunately you will have to choose between the 10 free ones.

A lot of apps can make the ecommerce difficult to deal with

Another really great thing about Shopify is the amazing App store that they have that can really boost the way that your ecommerce works and feels. However, something that a beginner wouldn’t know is that a lot of apps can make the online store really difficult to deal with. So if you want to add apps, definitely feel free to do so, but be careful to only pick the ones you really need because too many of them can make the store really difficult to work with.

Whether these disadvantages of Shopify ecommerce website builder are enough for you to reconsider using it or not is up to you to decide, but it was our goal to have you look at the negatives as well because that is the only way for you to make an educated decision. We hope that you found this article interesting and always remember that even if Shopify isn’t the solution for you there are always other great options available to you in Canada.

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